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Creating a successful mobile app requires a lot more than just a good app idea – in fact, that’s typically the easy part. Creating a successful mobile app requires understanding numerous aspects of the mobile app space including mobile design, technology, monetization, marketing, user acquisition, and more. It requires having an advocate that can help you understand how to have your app built in the most effective way, and what it will take to make your app a success. By leveraging our knowledge of the mobile space we can help you create the best app possible within the budget you have to work with. We are passionate about the mobile and tablet space, and we love to work with small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs in and around Atlanta and the greater southeast.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps and Games

Gone are the days of needing to pay one development team to create an iPhone version and another team to develop an Android version. By leveraging today’s best development platforms, it is possible to create one code base that supports all of the platforms and form factors you want to be on – each with its own native user experience so that your app will be delightful for all of your users. We are eager to evaluate your business needs and create the best platform strategy for your app to succeed.

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While we have developed native apps for nearly every mobile platform, we have grown very fond of Xamarin and Unity as well, and we are proud to be an authorized Xamarin consulting partner. These platforms allow apps and games to run flawlessly on every major platform in today’s market, and make now a perfect time to get into mobile.

Cloud Enabled Mobile Apps

It’s hard to imagine creating an app today without picking a cloud service backend to go with it. Cloud hosted platforms give your app the power to have your user’s data wherever they are and on whichever device they decide to use.

We have developed cloud connected apps for our clients using both and Azure Mobile Services. By leveraging these platforms we are able to create powerful backend systems to power your app without the need to create your own backend from scratch.

Mobile Consulting Services and Proficiencies

App Development

We’ve created over a dozen different mobile and tablet apps and games across various platforms with features including geo-location, in-app-purchases, video streaming, and more. We can create apps that look like system apps, as well as apps that are entirely custom.


We are well-versed in the tablet and mobile space, and can match industry trends and marketplace insights to your business problems. We can tailor an affordable engagement that may include analysis, recommendations, and on-site workshops and solution sessions.

Internal Apps

Some of the biggest opportunities today for businesses is in the creation of privately distributed internal apps. We can help you create apps that help your teams do their jobs more effectively and while on the go.

Game Development

For games, we are able to create physics-based mobile games perfect for casual players. Create a branded game to boost your brand recognition, or capitalize on the booming mobile game marketplace.


Trying to get funding for a larger mobile execution? Want to do some early user testing or create a functional alpha to convey your concept? We love creating prototypes at any level of fidelity, and will work with your team to deliver effective solutions.

Interactive Displays

Creating engaging kiosk experiences for your stores can help educate potential customers about your products and services, and keep them entertained while they wait. We can help you create compelling touch-based interactive in-store experiences.


We’ve worked with all of the main app marketplaces including the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Microsoft Windows Store. Need to understand the differences between the marketplaces and their users? We can provide those insights.


Making money from mobile apps is a constantly evolving art form. From freemium game models to in-app purchases and advertisements, we know how to make your app profitable in today’s marketplaces.


By identifying your key goals up front, we can help ensure you have great mobile analytics that you can review from anywhere. Make sure you can see how many new users you acquire each day and how well they are converting.

Mobile App Work Examples

HealthVault app screenshot
Microsoft HealthVault
Tesco Real Food screenshot
Tesco Real Food
Word Search Little Books screenshot
Word Search Little Books
Line Diet screenshot
Line Diet Weight Tracker

Mobile Consulting On Your Schedule

We offer consulting via web conference and video chat so that you can have access to your own personal mobile app consultant whenever it is most convenient for you. Schedule a meeting to break down your app idea into pieces you can understand and tackle, or schedule a meeting to discuss what technology approach will give you the best bang for your buck. Get your questions answered, and have an advocate when it comes to turning your app idea into a success.

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