A micro-consultancy for mobile apps in Atlanta.

About All Mobile Everything

All Mobile Everything is the micro-consultancy of Roger Peters located in Marietta, GA. From general consulting on strategy for mobile executions, to overseeing the development of apps and games, All Mobile Everything is a partner for individuals and businesses interested in being successful in the mobile and tablet space. While All Mobile Everything is a sole proprietorship, we frequently work with various strategy, user experience, and creative partners in and around the Atlanta area on projects both small and large.

All Mobile Everything’s primary focus is on cross-platform solutions that allow for the best user experience on every platform, while at the same time being cost-effective for smaller businesses with smaller budgets.

About the Owner

Roger (aka @SmartyP) is a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and a Xamarin MVP. A former Director of Technology in the agency space, Roger has architected and overseen numerous solutions for clients including companies such as Microsoft, Home Shopping Network, Wells Fargo, and numerous others. Roger has also self-published apps and games accounting for 20+ million user sessions, 500,000+ mobile installs, and 20,000+ app reviews under the name SmartyPantsCoding. Roger began writing code over 20 years ago, and has a proven track record of success in working on projects both large and small.

A Word From the Owner

I started All Mobile Everything as a way to focus on my primary passion – creating great mobile experiences that people interact with every day. After working as a developer in various capacities for over a dozen years, I decided that I loved working on mobile and tablet apps and games so much that I no longer wanted to work on anything else.
I live and breathe the mobile and tablet space, and I want nothing more than to help people be successful with their mobile app ideas. “All Mobile Everything” is the mantra I live out daily.
Roger Peters, All Mobile Everything owner

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